Pineapple Cider Recipe

(20L, 7-8% ABV)


About this Recipe

This is a recipe I got from Ndumiso Madlala, the founder and Brewmaster of a famous brand called Soweto Gold. The story behind this recipe is very interesting as we were joking on WhatsApp about turning to the basics of brewing and using whatever we can find in our kitchen during lockdown. I shared my ginger recipe and Ndumiso shared a recipe of this Pineapple cider he brewed for his wife one Saturday morning. With his permission, I kept the recipe as it is word for word and you can also brew it as follows:

Pair with: roast pork belly, bunny chow, briyani or kota


  • 1 packet of apples
  • 1 packet of pears
  • 1 pineapple
  • Pineapple essence
  • 2.5 kg Sugar
  • Brewers yeast.


  1. Thoroughly rinse all fruits and then cut both apples and pears into tiny pieces with skin on

  2. Cut pineapple into small pieces.

  3. Add water and bring to boil all fruits for 20 minutes

  4. Add 500g Sugar and boil for another 10 mins making a fruit concentrate.

  5. Leave to cool

  6. Add a spoonful of pineapple essence.

  7. Put fruit Concentrate in a 20 L bucket

  8. Add 2kg Sugar

  9. Top up with cold water to 20L

  10. Add 2 packets of brewers yeast.

  11. Leave to ferment at room temperature for36 hours, 48 hrs is also good.

  12. Strain all fruit bits out

  13. Chill in fridge for 12 hrs at coldest temp you can get.

  14. Remove yeast at bottom.

  15. Add another spoonful of Pineapple essence.

  16. Enjoy